Polytechnic Improvisation Summer School


A week of improvisation , collaboration and creating installations here are some thoughts from the experience;

9am we gather unsure of what to do , after initial introductions we are taken to a room with white paper on all the walls and only pencils,rubbers and 1 Stanley knife.

The question Why do we do art? we have 3 hours to respond to this….. go go go!!
My response is to make through paper cutting :

Why do we do art ?

to create,to talk, to interact, to explore the environment


A walk outside the studio with Tim from Green City Action (link)
Another question to respond to from Tim:
What am I looking for?

What I found:
New routes around the area,excitement , new residents – the red months, interesting gardens.
Key moments from the School :
Working spontaneously cutting ,making, creating an experience for people
Finding new routes out of the studio
Working together in a space creates ideas for everyone – collaboratively and through cross pollination of ideas and making.