Working in partnership with Ignite imaginations and Sheffield University, the Reconnect project explored connections between Art and Science.

As part of the project I was commissioned to create a piece of work in collaboration with researcher Dr. Laura Di Bona, responding to her pilot project ‘Adopt a care home’ .Her project focussed on ‘Dementia-intergenerational awareness amongst school children’ and ways to ‘improve the well-being and community involvement of people with dementia’.

I created an interactive installation describing the three strands of the project –

Care and Wellbeing

Community and Awareness

Physical aspects of dementia

The idea of  using household objects as the basis for the installation came from researching  how familiar furniture and personal objects in the home can help people with Dementia remember parts of their life and support them doing daily household tasks. I wanted to create a space where people could recognise these household objects and feel part of the installation and be intrigued enough to interact.

The nests idea came from wanting to create small spaces that people can look inside of, discovering the key aspects of the project for themselves. The haphazard nature and roughness of the nests relate to physical aspects of dementia – the confusion and the unravelling of the mind as the Dementia progresses.

I also designed postcards and badges that visitors were able to write on and leave with the display or take away badges to raise to raise awareness on Dementia in the community and make the work more interactive.

The exhibition included 8 artists all responding to different pieces of research and toured around three Sheffield communities finally arriving at Sheffield University Medical School for display